AM3 + bulldozer 990FX player country Crosshair V Formula-Z C5F-Z 90%+new
US $176.30
P6T Deluxe V2 Original Desktop Motherboard X58 Socket LGA 1366 DDR3 ATX
US $180.50
original Z97-A 1150-pin Z97 motherboard supports 4790,99%new
US $134.55
B150 PRO GAMING D4 B150 game board acoustic radar LGA1151
US $123.58
Asus P8B75-V 1155 Large Board The B75 mainboard supports the E3 1230 V2
US $59.43
P8Z68-V LX 1155-pin integrated graphics / all solid / usb3 / sata3
US $67.79
G12 LCD Flex cable for canon G12 G11 FLEX camera The used
US $6.60

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